I’m an experienced, Texas based, ultra-distance runner and running coach. I’ve been running long distances for over 10 years, and have completed 70 ultramarathons, with 20 of those finishes being 100 miles or longer. Over that time, and over thousands of miles, I’ve tried, seen, and experienced it all. I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work, and want to help you avoid many of the mistakes that I made and help create a plan that’s specific to you so you’re set up for success.

I initially got into running to shed a few pounds, and remember the first time I went for a run and made it 50 yards before I was hunched over, hands on knees completely out of breath. Through persistence I worked my way up to my first mile, and from there my legs started taking me further than I ever thought possible. I ran my first marathon, The Big D Marathon, with Team In Training – Leukemia/Lymphoma in honor of my dad who was a lymphoma survivor. After the taste of that first finish I was hooked, and have since raced different distances, terrains, and race formats all over the United States.

Throughout my running career I tried many different plans. I found training plans on the internet and in books, but had a hard time sticking to them because they didn’t take into account my ever changing schedule. When I would miss a day, I felt that I had let myself down and didn’t really know how to get back on track. I also found myself trying to run on days that I just didn’t want to. Running on these days was miserable, and made me question why I was so unhappy doing something that was supposed to be enjoyable.  I also found myself trying to grab miles when my legs weren’t 100%, and I would limp down the trail hoping no one would notice and the pain would somehow stop. The inflexible training schedules I used as my guides for success beat me up mentally and physically, and I decided to radically change my training philosophy to be one that was focused on listening to my body, rather than to a 4 month training schedule somebody else created.

A flexible training schedule doesn’t mean an easy training schedule. Big picture goals require a plan. We’ll lay out a basic framework of how you can achieve large “bucket list” type goals and find steps along the way where you can measure progress and achieve some wins. There will be days when you won’t want to run, but need to. There will be days you’ll have to make sacrifices, days it will hurt and be uncomfortable, and days that you have low points that we have push through. We can work together to ensure your plan has flexibility to deal with all of these, and we can work around life’s planned and unplanned events. Running should enhance your life, it shouldn’t BE your life.

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Past Races

Badwater135 - 135 Miles
Javelina Jundred 100 Miler
Keys Ultra 100 Miler
Beyond Limits Ultra 48Hr (150 miles)
Jackpot Ultra 48 Hr (135 miles)
Wasatch Front 100 Miler
Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler
Run Rabbit Run 100 Miler
Zion 100 Miler
Bryce 100 Miler
Arkansas Traveler 100 Miler
Pony Express 100 Miler
Brazos Bend 100 Miler
Western States 100 Miler
Leadville 100 Miler
Vermoint 100 Miler
Badwater Salton Sea
Zane Grey 50 Miler
Palo Duro 50 Miler
Grand Mesa 50 Miler
Grasslands 50 Miler
Hell's Hills 50 Miler
Ouachita 50 Miler
UltraCentric 24 Hr (100 miles)
Cowtown 50K
Speedgoat 50k