Specialized Running and Training Plans

You are unique. Your ambitions, work and home life demands, and training availability are all specific to you. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need a plan that is specialized to you and for you. This adaptable, customized schedule is the bedrock of my training philosophy, and will be the foundation that we build our partnership on to help you achieve your goals, and have fun (and a life!) in the process!


  • Agreed upon goals that are both challenging and realistic
  • Customized training plans with metrics to measure progress
  • Bi-weekly calls focused on previous weeks’ training and discussion of upcoming schedule
  • Development of next week’s schedule loaded into training software that’s easily accessible
  • Mid-week interactions for motivation and accountability
  • Pre-race planning and strategy
  • Post-race assessment of performance and recommended adjustments

Brian’s Upcoming Races:

Bandera100K (Jan.)
Black Canyon 100K (Feb.)
Badwater Cape Fear (March)
Badwater Salton Sea (April)
Ute 100M (Aug.)
Pumpkin Holler 100M (Oct.)